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FOr the love of the art


Student-made short films

Campus promos & Recap Videos

Projects, Skits, & More

fall 2021 - Spring 2022 (Ongoing)

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Playlist of videos/ films from
our previous years

The New Wave Poster.jpeg

The New Wave

Fall 2019 - 

Spring 2020

FITV Logo 9.png

The Start Up

Fall 2016 - 

Spring 2017

The Come Up

Fall 2018 - 

Spring 2019

Video Production_edited.jpg

The Golden Era

Fall 1989 - 

Spring 2016

The Revolution

Fall 2017 - 

Spring 2018


Classic FITV

Fall 1986- 

Spring 1989

If you made it this far admiring our work,
you are definitely with the FITV culture!

To view the entire collection of FITV work (past, present, and future),
we highly encourage you to check out our YouTube channel for more content!

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