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All submitted films will be judged by our student panel; who will individually select the two best films in each category and class. Out of that pool, the top three from each category will be selected as finalists. The finalists will then be sent to our staff & faculty panel where the winners will be determined.


Best Picture

Awarded to the film that demonstrates and exemplifies the best overall film production.


(For both students and non-students.)

Film Crew

Best Director

Awarded to the individual who demonstrates outstanding direction for the overall vision of their film.

(For both students and non-students.)

Actors Reading Script

Best Acting

Awarded to the individual whose performance, and overall portrayal of their character, truly stands out and connects with the audience.

(For both students and non-students.)

Filming Streets

Best Cinematography

Awarded to the film team/individual whose artistic expression and aesthetic adds an element of not only beauty, but creativity to the film's story

(For both students and non-students.)

Image by Pereanu Sebastian

Best Screenplay

Awarded to the individual, or group of individuals, whose screenplay best defines each element of a story, enticing the audience from start to finish.

(For both students and non-students.)

Editing & Post Production

Best Editing

Awarded to the individual, or group of individuals, who assembles, mixes, and cuts their film in a seamless manner that maintains a flawless film experience.

(For both students and non-students.)

Microphone on Sound Board

Best Sound

Awarded to the individual, or group of individuals, who best designs and creates the best soundscape.

(For both students and non-students.)


Saturday, March 5th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST

Where to Submit

You can use one of two methods!

Go to the form on our FilmFreeway page:

It is also possible to submit through physical media. Just contact us through our email address or social media.



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